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We are PROUD to Announce the release of our TRAINWRECK Kratom Strain!

A blended mix of our most potent and popular kratom powders that results in one POWERFUL Plain Leaf Powder Kratom blend.

Each one of the strains we use has a unique alkaloid profile, thus various properties and benefits, as well as potent effects!

Our R & D Team has skillfully & carefully hand picked and crafted these strains to make sure you receive all the benefits and effects from each individual strain. The mix was made with the idea that each one picked helps potentiate the effects of the others,

Our Proprietary blend has come to be a POWERHOUSE! And, has quickly become a new favorite here.

It will soon become your favorite too! A MUST try for any connoisseur.  A Truly Unique and Incomparable Experience!

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Weight 1 oz
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1kg (1000g), 448g (16oz), 4oz (112g), 8oz (224g)


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